• Do not approach any suspect.
  • All suspects and wanted fugitives should be considered armed and dangerous.
  • News Releases and Wanted Persons Postings were valid as of the dates posted.
  • Law enforcement personnel must confirm warrant before making an arrest.

For administrative purposes  and for more information about Crime Stoppers Honolulu, Inc. or to report possible inaccurate information on this web site, please contact our administrative office (report any tips by clicking the 'Give a Tip' button, or by calling 808-955-8300 or *crime on your Hawaii based cell phone):

Crime Stoppers Honolulu, Inc.
Administrative Office
PO Box 22375
Honolulu, HI 96823-2375

Telephone:  808- 955-8300

(Please do not send any tips to this email it will not be process. You will not be eligible for any rewards if you send a tip to this email. Thank you.)


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