CrimeStoppers and the Honolulu Police Department want to warn the public about various extortion scams that are occurring.


The first scam is a social media and dating app scam regarding unknown females requesting to friend you.  Once the friend request is accepted, the female will entice the person to commit a lewd act.  If the act is performed, the female will inform you that the act has been recorded and if payment is not received, the recording will be released on social media.


In the second scam, people are being sent messages via social media stating that if nude photos are not sent to them, they will inflict harm.


The third type of scam occurring is an unknown person will text message people stating that they have been hired to kill them.  The person then states that if the victim pays them money then they will not kill them.


Please do not befriend anyone that you have not met in person on any social media platform.


Please contact police if you receive these types of messages.